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Will you choose love over friendship?

Will you choose love over friendship?
February 13, 2020/Edz Escartin

Things do happen for a reason; even the simplest act has a string of events behind it that had caused it to happen. Although some things are purely coincidental, a line of 'whys' still follow its wake. But good or bad, these things are what leads a person towards his/her final destination. Just like what happened to Frank, Daniel, and Laurence in a span of a week.

Frank, Daniel and Laurence are living their lives on their own accord, until something happens and changes that. An arrival of a woman is what heppened, a woman is what happened, a woman of near perfection, Martha. Leaving her place, broke, and thinking that life has it out for her, she decides to spend her last pennies on a plane ride to London.

Bothered, Laurence starts his day early to seek help from a neighbor who isn't even a psychiatrist. He explains the situation, which involves him, Daniel, Frank and a woman. He starts to tell a story from Daniel's point of view, of how his cart bumps into Martha's in the airport and immediately falls head over hells for her. He is a guy of money and riches, and he uses that to sit next to Martha in the plane. Martha was so mesmerizing that even their friend, Frank seemed to have caught the love bug and fallen for her, as well, which greatly bothers Laurence.

Laurence then reveals that he and Martha met at the airport and were together for a whole day and night. It's as if fate had brought them together. But with Daniel and Frank in the picture, Laurence just can't take it, and not only him, even Martha. The situation only worsens when she finds out that Laurence is friends with Daniel and Frank and thinks that Laurence is messing with her.

It's a matter of friendship and love, will Laurence pick his long-time friends or go after Martha?