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Who Knew Budget Travel Could Be this Fun?

Who Knew Budget Travel Could Be this Fun?
August 16, 2019/admin

I have always loved traveling. In fact, I love it so much that for the past 4 years, aside from the bills, it’s all I save up for. There’s something about seeing different parts of the world and surrounding yourself with people who speak a different language and look nothing like you would normally see out on the streets.

I stumbled upon Pop Life TV’s latest TV show called $100 Nomad, which explores the possibility of surviving on a $100 budget for three days and two nights. As I was watching, aside from the fact that it was entertaining it gave me and my sister so many ideas on how I could make traveling more affordable without sacrificing all the fun. On one of the episodes I caught, Xenia visited Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand once before but never got to see the beauty of the city. Xenia jumpstarts the series by hunting for snake meat on the streets of Chiang Mai, leaping off the cliff and into a 100-metre deep quarry, and learning Thai so the crew can spend a night at the rustic Mae Kampung. I immediately checked an article out and found out that it is certainly possible to have a budget travel while having a good time.

My sister is my usual travel buddy and we had been talking about visiting Bali in the future. Bali, Indonesia has always been a favorite destination for a weekend getaways of so many people especially during summertime.  In an episode in $100 Nomad, they also featured this place. In Bali, Fauzi seals the final leg of his Indonesia adventures by sussing out an abandoned Boeing airplane, jumping off a waterfall, and getting a taste of the ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ life at the bamboo homes in Green Village. I researched on how to really enjoy Bali without spending too much and saw that there are so many deals you can choose from.

And then there’s the episode about my beloved country Philippines. I have been to Zambales before but I had no idea that there are so many things you can do there! Zhin begins his adventures in Zambales, a province known as ‘Miami of the Philippines’. I really enjoyed what I am watching he conquers his fear of open waters on a surfboard, and takes on the legendary balut with his crew. I personally can say that tourists can enjoy Zambales without breaking their wallets.

If you think that it’s expensive to travel—then you’re probably right. But then there’s this other thing called budget travel, which I am huge believer of. And to save some more, I plan to get some stuff with great discount.

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