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Have you experienced writing letters but not sending them?

Have you experienced writing letters but not sending them?
January 24, 2020/Edz Escartin

Have you ever written a love letter? Have you sent one? We have all been so overcome by our emotions that confessing our feelings directly to that person, seemed so daunting and scary, so we just chose to pour our heart out on paper. We choose to write a letter, a love letter and even include that person's address, only for that letter to never be sent, only for that letter to stay in the darkness of our desk drawers or pressed in the middle of some thick book. College is what urged Henry to write the love letter, without omitting anything, he poured his heart out to childhood friend, Claire. Ten years later, would Henry finally have the courage to tell Claire how he truly feels? Would his letter finally find its way to its rightful owner?

High school is about to end, and Claire is about to leave for college. They've been neighbors and friends their whole lives, but Claire's always been the popular girl and Henry's always just been the average guy. How can Henry woo his childhood friend knowing that he's out of his league? Prepared to leave his childhood crush at just that, together with his best buddy, Tom, they head to the big city to reach for their dreams. Ten years later Henry and Tom prepare to go back to their childhood home, to celebrate Henry's mom's 50th birthday celebration, only to find that they were not the only ones back in town - Claire and her bestfriend, Lily, Tom's long time crush, are back, too. Amidst the complications, lost friendship and lost chance at love, would Henry still be able to tell his true feeling to Claire?

If given another chance to tell the person you like your true feelings would you do it? If you could finally send the letter you didn't have the courage to send in the past, would you send it? One thing's for sure, chances are hard to come by, so when it comes, the right thing to do is do everything you can to grab it.