Create your bucket list with Pop Life TV | Pop Life TV

Create your bucket list with Pop Life TV

Create your bucket list with Pop Life TV
September 23, 2019/admin


When you try to look back on your life—okay, further way back, how many of the things you have planned out for yourself did come to fruition? Maybe as a child, one of your biggest goals in life apart from having a job is to go on different adventures; to see the world and meet interesting people. Unfortunately, things have happened and you had to put this dream aside.


Stress brought on by school or work often makes us pretty harsh about everything. So it is important to do things once in a while that would remind us that life is very good. It’s not yet too late to make some changes in your life. Otherwise, you are just going to feel like you’re merely existing and not living.


But what if your budget doesn’t allow it? In today’s tough economic times, it can be quite difficult to go on adventures without making a huge dent in your bank account.


This is where the magic of television kicks in.


Traveling can be tricky sometimes. Watching travel and lifestyle shows can serve as a guide and inspiration to make your plans go as smoothly as possible—and obviously to create lasting memories. One of BEAM TV’s most popular channels, Pop Life TV offers a wide range of high quality travel and lifestyle content for free.  Here are some of the shows you can get into.


The 48 Hour Destination


The 48 Hour Destination is a travel series with a twist. This thirteen-part travel show is hosted by Greer Gardiner who will visit destinations from around the world to experience adventure travel. Here’s the catch, she will need to do as much as she can in each country for only 48 hours. Witness various fun and exciting explorations in thirteen destinations such as Queenstown in New Zealand, New York City, Vancouver, Capetown, Dubai, and more.


The Traveling Chef

What could make your trips even better than trying out food from different parts of the globe? This delicious travel show is a six-part series that will showcase countries and their best local cuisines. Join host, New Zealand’s first MasterChef winner Brett McGregor as he explores interesting destinations around the world. Follow Chef Brett’s visits to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and more to get a taste of their local cuisine and learn new recipes.


Made in Paradise

A diverse group of people goes on a trip to Thailand not just to enjoy a luxurious vacation but also to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives—to go under the knife and make a radical change in their appearance. Each, willing to undergo cosmetic surgery, find out their stories and their families’ reactions when they go back home. Made in Paradise airs October 1.


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