BEAM TV is making its mark as one of the country’s top players in lifestyle DTT channel | Pop Life TV

BEAM TV is making its mark as one of the country’s top players in lifestyle DTT channel

BEAM TV is making its mark as one of the country’s top players in lifestyle DTT channel
August 16, 2019/admin

These days, free-to-air television has a certain look and formula to attract viewers. However, this formula gets old pretty quickly because other TV stations try to adapt and copy each other—or even one-up one another. If you are someone who desperately wants a different kind of entertainment, cable TV or online streaming sites would be the way to go. Unfortunately, it would typically need you to pay a little extra so it is not something all Filipinos have access to.


BEAM TV is looking into changing that and giving all Pinoys more options for a whole new level of the TV viewing experience.


BEAM TV, previously called Cinema Television and E! Philippines is the flagship TV station of Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media. It has been recognized as the second biggest player in digital terrestrial television or DTT in the Philippines. BEAM TV’s digital signals reach not just all of Luzon, but Visayas and Mindanao as well. Gone are the days when Filipinos can only get high-quality TV shows that allow viewers to think outside the box and fuel their imagination only on cable.

BEAM TV, in partnership with Asian Cable Communications, Inc. (ACCION) bring Filipinos exciting new TV shows on free-to-air television. Pop Life TV, the station’s most popular TV channel, airs premium lifestyle and entertainment content that Pinoys can now have access to and enjoy.

Here are some of their top content on the channel and upcoming shows you do not want to miss.



There is no excuse for being out of the loop on all things trending and popular right now especially if the content is free. Pop-U is an edutainment TV show that highlights Pinoy pop culture and all the latest in film, games, events, and even celebs.



The amazing thing about travel shows is that it stirs the senses of all the viewers because traveling awakens the soul. Pop Life TV’s #LifeGoals present and showcase various inspirational, food, travel, and reality shows perfect for the adventurous at heart. Catch Flour Power, The 48 Hour Destination which will begin airing on September 2, and the Top Ten Show which will premiere on September 16.



Premium movies are no longer just for those who avail of cable TV. Pop Life TV’s POPCORN FLIX features thrilling content from premium international movies to factual docuseries for free. The channel currently airs factual series such as Stars of the Silver Screen and Rock Legends. For September, catch the premiere of Scenic Route (September 4) and Code of Honor (September 24), and more.



Kids will have more choices of animated shows and movies with Pop Life TV’s LOL POP. LOL POP features wildly entertaining and educational animated content such as Dino Rampage which currently airs on the channel. Catch family and youth-friendly shows like Rainbow, Butterfly, Unicorn, Kitty, Justin Time, and Invisible Network of Kids very soon.