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Henry has been nursing a crush on his childhood friend Claire ever since he can remember. But he's just an average guy, and Claire's the most popular girl in their high school, so one night before college completely changes their lives, Henry pens his love letter to Claire.
Traveling can be tricky sometimes. Watching travel and lifestyle shows can serve as a guide and inspiration to make your plans go as smoothly as possible—and obviously to create lasting memories. One of BEAM TV’s most popular channels, Pop Life TV offers a wide range of high quality travel and lifestyle content for free.  Here are some of the shows you can get into.
Discover all the famous festivals around the world you have not heard of.  Feast your eyes on all the magic that these festivals in Thailand, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Japan, and a whole lot more will bring.
If you think that it’s expensive to travel—then you’re probably right. But then there’s this other thing called budget travel, which I am huge believer of. And to save some more, I plan to get some stuff with great discount.
Pop Life TV, the station’s most popular TV channel, airs premium lifestyle and entertainment content that Pinoys can now have access to and enjoy.
Watch amazing shows for the whole month of August. When the past meets the future—starting August 5, get to witness the battle between superheroes and revived dinosaurs on Dino Rampage. If you have been out of the loop for a while, be in the know of what’s hot. Catch up on all things Pinoy pop culture on Pop-U.